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The Braintree After School Enrichment program was founded as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) agency in August 1985 by Roselyn Karll.

The School Committee agreed to rent two rooms at Braintree High School to the program at a minimal charge. The program quickly outgrew this space and once again, through community efforts, the B.A.S.E. program moved to a new location. The new location was in a school that had been closed as a full school building. The town rented the gym and the cafeteria to the program. This dedicated space allowed us to open an all- day kindergarten surround program, to assist children who attended the quarter day kindergarten sessions, as well as providing enough space for 95 children. Six years were spent in that location, only to find out that the school would soon reopen due to rising enrollments. The search was on to try and locate new space to house all of the children. Strong community organizing, citizen participation at School Committee meetings and Town Meetings led to the rental of another school building for the all-day programs and a second school building just for after school programs. Each year the program was told that it could be the last year for occupancy because of the once again rising school enrollments.


In 1995, a search committee was formed to try and locate land or a building to continue to meet the needs of the community for after school child care. After two years of looking, finally a developer stepped forward with a piece of land for purchase available for new construction. Although this was quite exciting, the task ahead seemed even more ominous. A small private non-profit enterprise had to secure a loan from a bank in order to proceed with the project. Several large banks turned the project down for various reasons. The local bank, Braintree Cooperative, was approached. Even though the bank is not a commercial bank, the President, Edward Cocoran, felt it was a worthy project and the bank could support it as a community endeavor. Thus the loan was secured. Next the fundraising began to try and raise $200,000 for the down payment. Once again, the bank allowed us to raise our funds slowly and spread the down payment out over several construction months. The Harold Brooks Foundation awarded a $7000 grant with a matching $5000 grant if we could raise $5000 within the community. This task was completed and the fundraising continued. The ground breaking ceremony was held in March of 1997 and construction was completed in August 1998. B.A.S.E. opened its doors to 150 after school children and 30 preschool children for all day, year round, programs. B.A.S.E. also operated before school programs in each of the seven elementary schools in the town from 7:00 A.M. to 8:45 A.M.


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"They have the most amazing teachers, and a rich curriculum. Sometimes my son brought home more activities from BASE than from elementary school! Can't beat having indoor and outdoor spaces to play and safe and reliable transportation back from school. I would wholeheartedly recommend BASE to anyone in the Braintree area!"

June 6, 2016


"BASE preschool has been a supportive, loving, creative and stimulating place for my kids to learn & grow. I highly recommend this wonderful group of teachers!"

May 16, 2016

DeShawn R.

Best Teachers Ever! Every time i go to pick my son up, he never wants to leave!

June 17, 2015

Once again the program saw a need to grow. The after school program branched out and opened a program for the older children in grade 4-8. This program is housed in an elementary school and its mission is to meet the emotional and social needs of this age group. It will do so through community service programs in nursing homes, senior centers, and the local rehabilitation hospital.


Sadly, Roselyn Karll passed away in December of 2002 after an 18 month battle with cancer. Roselyn's daughters, Alysa Rynne and her younger sister Meridith continue their mother's dream of implementing comprehensive and inclusive educational programs to children. More than 300 children are enrolled in the educational program.

​Our Staff

The lead teaching staff is comprised of highly qualified educators that are experienced or have received their degrees in early childhood or elementary education. All of our teachers are Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) certified and have college-level course work in these fields. Their years of experience and individual areas of expertise bolster the already impressive breadth of subjects that we are able to expose to our students. We have artists, dancers, musicians, and experts in fields that span the educational spectrum. Additionally, each staff member is First Aid and CPR certified.